Videos – ALA conference

Adelaide 2018 – Dr. Mark Rogers 

‘Photo-Biomodulation for the Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries’

Dr. Mark Rogers, a general medical practitioner working in Adelaide, South Australia, presents at the Australasian Light Association conference on the topic ‘Photo-Biomodulation for the Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries’.

Dr.Rogers discusses a science-based approach to pain using light medicine. He explains photo-biomodulation and the science behind it, giving case examples, including cases of migraines and musculoskeletal injuries. He also speaks about ‘Glymphatics’ – the lymph system of the brain and its relation to treating tinnitus, and explains his unique method of diagnosing inflammation in the body using infrared thermal imaging.

Adelaide 2018 Thelma van der Werff

‘The Psychology of Colour’

This is an interactive presentation titled – ‘The Psychology of Colour’. Thelma van der Werff gives examples of how to analyse psychological characteristics of individuals who selected a like and dislike of specific colours. Thelma discusses her unique system called ‘Colournostics’, and gives insight to individual colour preference. Unfortunately, the video cut out just before the end, so instead there is a short slide presentation explaining how Colournostics works.

Thelma is a Colour Therapist and a Body Mind analyst and created the Colour Comfort Method so others can understand and speak the language of colour themselves and is also the author of six successful books.

Adelaide 2018 – Lyn Doole

‘The Physiology of Light’

Lyn Doole, co-founder of the Australasian Light Association and member of the International Light Association Board, presents on the topic ‘The Physiology of Light’.