The Australasian Light Association is formed under the umbrella of the International Light Association (ILA). The ILA has been operating since 2003 with its origins in Belgium but with members around the world in Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Japan and Australia. It aims to connect and inspire those with an interest in light and health.

ILA members include light therapy practitioners and other health professionals, as well as scientists and educators. Creative ILA members include artists, architects and designers. Some members have no professional role in using light, but nonetheless have a deep connection with light and colour and an appreciation of their effects on our health and wellbeing. This not-for-profit association is run by volunteers and have formed close bonds over the years, referred to as ‘the Light Family’.

The annual ILA Conference is a highlight of the calendar year, bringing together outstanding speakers to present latest research and practice in the therapeutic use of light. The Australasian Light Association is following these traditions by reaching out to professionals working with light in this region – to form connections and spread the word about light and health. The ALA invites you to connect with us at any of our scheduled events and become involved in the association.