September webinar

Next month, we’re back with a new webinar. This time the topic will be Samassati Colour Therapy, presented by Simon Hansen from Adelaide, South Australia. In sharing this unique method of colour light therapy, Simon’s focus will be ‘A graceful way of regaining natural health within ourselves.’

Simon Hansen is a teacher, now also trained in the Samassati approach. He has a practice in McLaren Vale, South Australia, with a particular interest in the use of light for education and health with a focus on chronic disease management.

Samassati Colour Therapy involves using coloured torches or lights, such as Lumalight crystalline lens torches and Molimed colour pens shone on specific acu-points, meridians and energy centres (chakras) on the body.

Nishant Matthews is the founder of Samassati Colour Therapy. In Nishant’s words –
“First (the coloured light) dissolves the fields of stress, tension, and confusion that are in the body and mind. Then it goes deeper into the person to stimulate the natural resources that are there. Light will turn them on. In the field of light, our resources come back, and with them our natural health, the sanity of our emotions and clarity of our mind.”

Do join us for the webinar on Tuesday 21st September, 2021
at 7 pm (Melbourne / Sydney / Brisbane time) 🙂

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You can register here:

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