July webinar

Announcing the topic for July – ‘Eat Your Colours!’ – and learn how food can be restorative, energising and healing. Raw food expert, Adelaide’s own Remedy Bliss, will share her advice on eating a Rainbow Cuisine.


8/10 Australians don’t eat enough colour. 74% don’t down enough red, 76% are low on purple and blue, 69% need more green in their diet, and 80% are missing the benefits or yellow and orange. Support for body systems is below par, and the all important ‘second brain’, the gut and its flora, is under-nourished.

Brightly-coloured natural foods can help boost our immune system, strengthen the heart and are said to fight cancer.

To find out why and how you can create colourful plates to tempt your palate, join raw and fermented food guru, Remedy Bliss. Remedy is passionate about real nutrition and will lead you on a healthy journey with cultured food.

Register here: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/1/50xqgc3

2 Replies to “July webinar”

  1. Hi – I missed the Mandala session and was waiting for the recording – have I missed it somehow or hasn’t it been released yet? Thanks, Jill ilott, Abbey, WA



    1. Hi there, Yes the video replay is planned soon as possible. Our editor Maniisha is off-grid/offline somewhere in WA but should be home soon. Stay safe & well … Amanda


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