April webinar

Are you ready? The next in ALA’s webinar series comes to us all the way from Norway!

Dear friend and ILA colleague, Anne Kaas Iversen will be speaking, via Zoom 20th April 7 pm Australian Eastern Time, on her speciality – using light and frequencies with children, specifically those diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and certain emotional issues.

Anne is another member of the generous light-family who was planning to come to Perth for the 2020 Conference to present this topic. But as this was not to be, and not wanting our audience to miss out, we’ve invited her to speak to you all via Zoom webinar this month.

In Anne’s words:

“We will learn about how to meet the child “behind” the child. The vulnerable child, who lives with noice in his/her head with great laterality problems. How to lateralize the brain hemispheres, which is extremely important, and then treat the child with light and frequencies and coaching from the heart. I will explain how Light & Frequencies can make the child see a new prospective and make the child aware of the treasures that lie within.”

A trained acupuncturist since 2002, Anne pursued further studies from 2003, including Posturology with Dr. Michel Marignan, Auriculomedicine/ Auriculotherapy/ Theralight Colour & Frequencies (founded by Dr. Paul Nogier) and studied with his son Dr. Raphael Nogier. She then trained in trauma treatment with Dr. Daniel Asis & Dr. Raphael Nogier in France. 

Anne currently works from her clinic in Oslo using Theralight and Raphael Nogier’s new Microlight. In recent years, Anne has been primarily working with young people who have difficulties within themselves (feelings of fear, inadequacy, loneliness etc). She uses both acupuncture together with Theralight/ Microlight with excellent results. Anne also focuses on treating children, aged 4 – 16 years, with behavioural issues, ADHD, ADD, or aggressive or confused tendencies.

We are really looking forward to hearing about Anne’s approach using light and frequencies in her work with children. If you want to benefit by asking Anne a question, do join the free webinar LIVE! A video replay of the session will be posted later on, as usual.

Register here.

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