March webinar

In recent months, our expert presenters on light, colour and sound have been based in Australia and New Zealand, as our primary focus is to highlight the work of local professionals in the region.

But we also want to value speakers who had been scheduled to travel to Australia for the ALA’s next planned conference. So, the March webinar will be presented by Nathan Oxenfeld from the US. Nathan very generously signed up to present at ALA’s 4th Conference on Light & Health which was to be held in Perth, WA last year. This event was canceled, of course, for reasons we all know! It remains difficult to plan for this year as well, so we are offering all our ALA friends the chance to meet, hear from, and ask questions of Nathan in this month’s webinar.

The topic is: ‘Utilising Light and Colour for Natural Vision Improvement’ 

Nathan combines the Bates Method, Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work, Emotional Work, Diet & Nutrition and other vision training techniques to explore a more holistic approach to eye health. In this webinar, he will focus on ways to use light and colour to improve your vision, naturally.

Nathan says: “I typically combine education and experience in my classes by guiding people through specific physical, mental, and visual relaxation practices with the intention of seeing better than before.”

” I would be happy to teach a webinar about how natural sunlight can be utilized for holistic vision improvement purposes, and how to deal with the increased screen time and artificial light exposure due to the pandemic. Since these webinars are all online and require people to look at a screen to watch them, hopefully my teachings will not only be helpful for my webinar, but for all of the future ALA webinars to come!

Nathan is based in North Carolina, USA and is the founder of the ‘Naked Eye’ Podcast. He is also founder of Integral Eyesight Improvement, a holistic self-healing course using The Bates Method to improve eyesight naturally without lenses or surgery. He offers various pathways to learn the method through online group courses, individual online programs, and one-on-one coaching sessions. We hope you will join us for the session!

Register for the free webinar here:

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