February webinar

In the Webinar Series so far, we’ve covered a range of topics related to light and colour. In February, the topic is sound – which is, of course, also a vibrational modality. “Sound as therapy’ is a non-invasive, gentle but powerful treatment. Its benefits include, relaxation, feeling refreshed, improved mental clarity. When stress is released, “there is room for new positive thought and feelings, self-empowerment, self-healing, inspiration and creativity”.

If this sounds good to you, join us on 23rd February LIVE at 6 pm AEDT … for

‘Sound – More than Audible Frequencies’ with Ute Coleman

Learn about:

  • Sound Philosophy
  • Holistic Benefits of Sound
  • Methods of Applying Sound for Health

And Experience: 

  • a Self-Care Exercise * If you have a sound bowl, you can join in!

About our speaker – Ute opened a practice in Margaret River, Western Australia in 2010, offering private and group Sound Therapy Sessions, Sound Meditations, Sound Massage Training, KliK® Education training, Events, Retreats and Sound Workshops for adults and children. She has facilitated many workshops, events and retreats and performed at various venues and community events. Ute continues to work actively as a Sound Therapist in varied professional fields, ranging from kindergarten’s to schools, movement centres, aged, dementia and palliative care facilities.

In her own words:

My passion for music, sound & rhythm has been a lifelong journey of inspiration which was nurtured early on in my childhood by my music loving family. Over the years, guided by my own experiences, travels and studies, I was able to develop a profound and holistic understanding about the power of sound and music.

Here is the registration link for ALA Webinar: ‘Sound – More Than Audible Frequencies’ by Ute Coleman


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