Video: Colours of 2021

What a wonderful presentation to start off the year, with Patricia Zoltan’s webinar: ‘The Colours of 2021 – Shaping our Reality & Writing the Next Chapter of our Life’.

And what a wonderful start to the year and whatever it may bring, with Patricia sharing techniques to manage stress and help us make plans for the future. The session was jam-packed with information and ideas we can all use!

Here are some comments from viewers:

“This was very inspiring!” “A wonderful presentation!” “That was a lovely validating presentation by Patricia.” 
“An awesome presentation that is very inspiring!”
“A very enlightening presentation that sets us up for a wonderful and colourful 2021”

Patricia’s overview for 2021? 2021 = 5 

Throat chakra – speak your truth – BALANCE – dualities – healthy boundaries – Super You – expansion – awareness – internal travel – inner dialogues.

“Be the observer and the observed at the same time … Engage all your senses and activate your intuition more than ever before … Share your light”.

And she gave us some homework!!

7 questions – one for each chakra – to contemplate as a compass for 2021:

  1. What do you hope for in your family’s & local community’s life in 2021? – Chakra 1 – red
  2. How do you wish to improve your personal 1:1 relationships this year? – Chakra 2 – orange
  3. How would you like to reshape your relationship to yourself? – Chakra 3 – yellow
  4. How can you share love in new ways that you have never done before? – Chakra 4 – green
  5. What is your personal truth and how will you speak your truth this year – perhaps differently than before – and verbally express healthy boundaries? – Chakra 5 – blue
  6. What is your vision for 2021 for yourself, your family, your community? – Chakra 6 – indigo
  7. In what ways are you thinking of deepening your spiritual life and your connection to the larger context of your life? How will you be of service? – Chakra 7 – violet

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