January webinar

Welcome to the New Year and the start of our Webinar Series for 2021. The topic for January is extremely timely, and one which will help us move from the past and into the future with more resilience and positivity.

Join us on Tuesday 19th January 2021 at 7pm AEDT for a fascinating webinar session with Patricia Zoltan:

‘The colours of 2021 – shaping our reality and writing the next chapter of our life’.

Colours, stress management and narrative techniques are some of the methods that will be presented in this interactive and hands-on webinar. Patricia explains the focus of the content that she created especially for the International Light Association – Australia/New Zealand Chapter.

2020 brought unprecedented challenges and difficulties, a great amount of stress and anxiety as well as opportunities for growth, inner work and new ways to connect to ourselves and others. As we are moving away from the turbulences of 2020, we are also integrating the lessons and learnings from last year into our new beginnings. The journey continues and we can add new techniques to our toolbox of coping with stress and unpredictability to be more prepared and more resilient.

In this ZOOMinar, Patricia will talk about the archetype of change and crisis, the intersection of colours, frequencies, energy, chakras, our linguistic choices of our inner dialogues and stress management and also offer effective, hands-on, interactive, multisensory techniques for coping with stress on a daily basis through powerful narrative techniques as we are mapping out our journey and writing the next chapter of our lives for 2021 and beyond in vibrant colours with positive intentions.

About the presenter

Patricia Zoltan MA, BA. is the founder and head life coach at ‘Hello Stress’, a global digital community, dedicated to offer stress management and meditation programs and replace anxiety and stress with light, peace and contentment. Patricia is an experienced academic, meditation and Reiki Master Teacher, stress management and archetype specialist with 33 years of experience.

Patricia is based in Adelaide, South Australia and offers individual and group stress management and meditation sessions on ZOOM and in person.

Register for the event on the Zoom link and you’re in!


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