New Year Greetings

From all our team, we wish everyone a very Happy New Year in 2021. Let’s set an intention for peace, hope and joy for this year and beyond.

Some news from our founding association – the International Light Association. Its mission to ‘Advance Light for Health’ has been extended to include colour and sound. There has always been this connection but it is now formalised, with a new mission statement and a new logo, as well.

Our mission is to make ILA an international platform of sharing knowledge in the fields of light, colour and sound for health and wellbeing, for experts, authors, manufacturers, teachers, practitioners and researchers. 

Our vision is to become the “go to” place for information on light, colour and sound topics. Find a practitioner, learn about a device, follow the most recent scientific releases, access a course, read a book review, join a local instructional get-together, or watch a video can be some of the services offered. 

We aim to actively encourage the formation of new chapters in different regions and languages, which chapters will source the experts and bring their work to the central site for global show-casing.

Because of current circumstances of travel restrictions and lockdowns, we will focus initially on offering free online webinars and interviews, to reach out to and inform the mainstream public, and to grow a fellowship of experts. 

The ILA Board

As a Chapter of the International Light Association, the ALA will also follow these goals and aspirations. In 2021, we will continue with the Webinar Series started in 2020. The January webinar will be announced very soon, so do stay tuned. Sign up to this blog or the newsletter for latest information and details of registration.

Let’s join together – with the ILA, and all who are interested in promoting ‘Light, Colour and Sound for Health and Wellbeing’ – to expand the community and make it one of fellowship and support! 

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