November webinar

If you’re a regular reader of the ALA website and Newsletter, you’ll know that we aim to share a variety of complementary therapies and healing approaches that use light and colour. We also try to present new advances and treatments.

The ALA November Webinar will present a system that has been developed by a friend of the ALA, Simon Cribb. Simon was a presenter at the first AL Conference in Sydney and you can review his talk here:

Simon Cribb began working with light and colour 30 years ago, treating pain holistically using techniques based on Peter Mandel’s Colorpuncture. A physiotherapist and acupuncturist, and with training in other healing modalities, Simon employs a variety of approaches in his work. The protocols he developed using light are grounded in science, but inspired by bio-energetics.

Over the years in his clinical practice, Simon developed a ‘multi-levelled model’ to assess health issues, looking at problems from different angles rather than a fixed set of ideas. And as an experienced therapist working with the body’s energy systems, Simon’s clinical observations have resulted in this new approach to health and healing using the energy of crystals.

We look forward to hearing more, and learning about how Simon’s Crystal Point Therapy uses the energy of crystals to diagnose and treat a range of health conditions. Simon says:

Over the course of my career I have investigated many methodologies looking for the most elegant, simple and effective means to help people become pain-free and recover their health. 

SAVE the DATE and TIME for this webinar and we’ll be in touch soon with ZOOM registration details!

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