September Webinar – Video

ALA’s September webinar with Angelika Klotz was packed with guidance and practical tips for using colour and light to help deal with stress, anxiety and related health issues. Angelika walked us through a range of treatments to use, whether you have access to a coloured light device, or not!

Some feedback from the webinar:
“Thank you so much!   Truly, it was very interesting and educational.”
“Thank you so much for organising this excellent webinar. I am really quite excited to try some of the things shared this evening. If you have the opportunity, please give my ‘Colourful blessings & thanks’ to Anjelika.”

Here is the video, if you wish to see it again or view it for the first time. Enjoy!

Angelika is an experienced trainer in Esogetic Colour-puncture, and is offering 2 courses suitable as an introduction to using coloured light for health and healing. She is generously giving a discount to ALA friends – noting that October was to be the month of our Perth conference. We are all still working to ‘Advance Light for Health’! 

Here are details of the courses offered in October 2020:
Function Circles (TCM 5 Elements)
– Different connections of the organ systems Kidney/Bladder, Liver/Gallbladder, Lung/ Large Intestine, Spleen-Pancreas/Stomach and Heart/Small Intestine (spinal segments, muscles, lymph, tissue, sensory  organs, emotions, teeth, joints, sinuses, brain levels)
–  Diagnostic tools  of the reflex points on the thumbs, teeth, special ECIWO bone, Puttkammer segments on the back, and facial physiognomy
– basic reaction tests and basic treatments on the face and ears
– grey spinal therapy of vertebrae that are connected to specific organ systems
– treatment sequences for each organ system
The course will be taught on October 10,  10 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 5 pm,  and October 11, 10  am to 1 pm Melbourne/ Sydney time zone.
Thorough explanations are given during class and a comprehensive manual will be digitally sent out prior to the course. The course investment is normally $250 and I am happy to give a 10% discount to our ALA audience, if the course is paid in full by Oct 1.
Basic Introduction to Esogetics and Colourpuncture
– Philosophy behind Colourpuncture
– Holographic concept of  Esogetics
– Understanding the head and abdominal brain connection
– Therapeutic media of Esogetics
– Significance of colours
– Basic Zones of Vibration and the different temperaments
– Combination Treatments for immune defence, skin, concentration and learning behaviour, sleep problems, and restlessness.
An extensive manual will be sent out digitally prior to the course.
This course will be taught on the weekend October 24/25, the weekend our conference was due to be held. I am happy to tailor times to the audience. The course investment is normally $250 and I am happy to give a 10% discount to our ALA audience,  if the course is paid in full by Oct 10.
Please contact me with questions and for course sign-up:
– Angelika

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