September Webinar

Announcing the next speaker : Angelika Klotz. 

Well-travelled, and well-trained in alternative healing techniques, Angelika (now based in New Zealand) brings a wealth of expertise and experience to this second in ALA’s Webinar Series. Originally from Germany, she spent time in Taiwan learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine, including studying acupuncture, Tui Na (Chinese Massage) and reflexology. Next, Angelika went to Hong Kong where she trained in aromatherapy. Her further training was – and continues to be – in Colorpuncture or Esogetic Medicine. Angelika returns each year to Germany to update her expertise in Esogetic Colourpuncture so we can be assured of hearing about the latest practice in this form of colour light therapy.

For this webinar, Angelika has chosen topics based on her observations of clients in recent months. She notes:

“In my clinical work over the past few months, I have seen that even the most resilient clients are showing signs of anxiety and stress due to the challenging times we are facing at the moment. For many of these people it is often not their personal struggles that bring forward health-related issues, but the collective fear that is creeping up throwing off their inner balance. Light itself brings brightness and hope into these people’s lives, as it stimulates our happy gland, the pineal. When we combine light with colours and their own specific frequencies, what we do with colourpuncture, very specific blockages can be released and disturbances rebalanced. “

Angelika will present very practical and applicable suggestions on how to:
– balance the rhythm of sleep that is often the root cause of stress
– release fear and anxiety that interferes with the breathing pattern and digestion
– lifting depressive tendencies to open life to possibilities and joy
– adjust hormonal imbalances to bring forward emotional wellness
with simple techniques by infusing colour into very specific reflex points.

Want to join the webinar? Just fill in this form and we’ll be in touch with further details:

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