Webinar Series – Video & Workshops

What a great start to ALA’s Webinar Series last week! There were so many people who joined us live on Zoom and it was wonderful to see many old friends there and lots of new faces, too. We all learned so much about the potential of colour to impact and ground our life’s journey. 

Mark pioneered workshops in the late 90’s uniting colour with bodywork, expressive arts and psychodrama techniques, giving colour not only a voice but also story and action.  He is author of Add a Little Colour to Your Life.”

Find out more about Mark here: https://www.colourforlife.com/

If you enjoyed the presentation and want to review it, or if you couldn’t make it live, the recorded video is right here! We really do understand the limits of time zones. With our presenter in the UK and host (Thanks, Thelma!) in New Zealand, it was already a stretch!

Mark is offering two follow-up programs. Details below (and if you did sign up for the webinar, Mark will give a 10% discount. YAY!)

Upcoming workshops:

What’s Your Colour Story?

Are you a creative Violet leader or a go-getting independent Red?

Knowing your Colour Profile means the difference between forcing yourself to become someone you are not and developing the richness that you already are. Knowing your Colour Profile enables you to live the life you were born to live and to do the work you were born to do.

Colour Profiling (CP), which has been developed over 30 years by Mark Wentworth, is a unique method of translating and understanding an individual, a business, or a team through the language of colour. It brings out natural strengths, highlights possible challenges and reveals latent potentials.

A CP potently integrates colour with archetypal and transpersonal psychology. Imagine building and working with a team knowing that you are utilising and helping to bring out the best of the best from each person. Imagine how it would be to define and fine-tune yourself for optimum success by strategically and simply aligning yourself to your most advantageous archetypal colour story.

In this interactive 3hr presentation Mark will share with you:

  • What’s your colour – Understanding and using your colour for success.
  • Colour talks– How to use colour for effective communication.
  • Creating a Colour Story– How to align your colour story with your life story.

Acting upon and implementing our Colour Story makes us not just storytellers but pioneering Story-doers!

Wednesday September 9th 5pm – 8pm (Sydney/Melbourne) Or Saturday September 12th 2.30pm – 5.30pm (Sydney/Melbourne)  AU$ 75
Each workshop is limited to 12 places only so that everyone has the space to share and to receive.

Bookings/Information: mark@colourforlife.com

The Healing Power of Colour

This four-week (x2hrs) class is a unique opportunity to experience and understand more about the power of colour as a tool for your own healing and personal development.
Each week we will focus on a different area of The Healing Power of Colour

  • Reconnect with your core essence
  • Discover your unique colours for life guidance
  • Align with your Wellbeing colour
  • Live in harmony with your colour code

Whether it’s the colours you choose to wear, decorate with or even the colours you choose for your screensaver, they all communicate your hopes and dreams, these seemingly innocent shades and tones of colour reveal your life script and story so far.Knowing your Colour Archetype enables you to live the life you were born to live and to do the work you were born to do.

I will help you to translate the language of your colours, and through the use of expressive arts and story, we will journey together through the colour worlds to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you.

By the end of our time together you will have your own colour symbols and will have discovered your unique prescription for living colourfully and whole- heartedly.

Colour is a refraction of pure light, and light is essential for life itself to exist, therefore, colour in all its many shapes and forms could be considered as a key to the human Soul and to unlocking all of its many hidden treasures. Let there be colour, let there be life.

“Within every drop of water, a rainbow is waiting to happen, Within every rainbow a story is waiting to be told
Within each and every one of us there is a light searching for the drop” Mark Wentworth

The dates for The Healing Power of Colour 4-week (x2hrs) zoom meeting are:

Date: 22nd & 29th September, 6th & 13th October Time: 7pm – 9pm (Sydney/Melbourne)
Alternate Date: 26th September, 3rd, 10th 17th October Time: 9.30am – 11.30pm (Sydney/Melbourne) Investment: AU$ 160

This 4-week online experiential workshop is offered as process of self-discovery and the opportunity to experience colour as a healing modality.

Due to the nature of this workshop we are limiting the number of attendees to just 12 people to enable each attendee the fullest experience possible. A waiting list will be started once we reach the maximum number.After each module you will receive a handout relevant to the work we have just completed, you will also be invited to participate in the “homework” to do in- between each meeting. It is not compulsory; however, your overall experience will be greatly deepened if you are, in some way, able to complete the weekly homework. Homework can be anything from looking for colours in your home, collaging, journaling and maybe watching a movie of your choice!A Certificate of Attendance will be offered after completion of the workshop, based on full attendance.

Booking/Questions please email me at: mark@colourforlife.com

“Colour, by its mere presence, invites the human spirit to flourish and blossom in love. And each colour, in all its shapes and forms,
Is a constant reminder that we never walk this path alone.
And that colour, like love, is the journey.
And the journey itself is home”

Mark Wentworth
Colour Specialist/Global Colour Ambassador


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