Colour and sound … and bubbles!!

Our ALA team have been thinking of friends and colleagues as we individually deal with current stress and struggles. We need to care for ourselves, for our families and for our communities at this time. And since we come together in the Association because of light and colour, we’d like to share another colour experience with you all.

Previously, ALA produced a Colour Meditation  created by Lyn and Maniisha.

This time we have a video created by Vanessa Cisneros in Florida, full of colour and sound serenity. Many of you will know the lovely Vanessa from ILA and ALA conferences, as a gracious spirit whose personal energy vibrates as much as the therapies she uses!

Vanessa has recorded the colour response of the Sensosphere from her playing of the Monochord Monolina A. The Sensosphere is a state-of-the-art interactive light device which creates a harmonising atmosphere. It is more than a simple mood light, creating beneficial effects on the body and mind through its modulations of colour, including relaxation, energy and balance.

Vanessa says: “The Sensosphere changes colors based on sound. I love the color effect that my Monalina A had on the Sensosphere.”

This video was recorded in Vanessa’s home, but she hopes that one day she’ll be able to make a professional recording, “so that all the beautiful overtones of this awesome instrument will touch every part of you.” Until then, we can enjoy this beautiful offering to help us through these challenging times. Thanking you, Vanessa, with love & light.



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