Profile: Anne Kaas Iversen

We are thrilled that Anne Kaas Iversen will speak at ALA’s Conference on Light & Health in Perth next October, joining us from Norway. Anne runs an acupuncture and light-clinic in Oslo, treating with colours & Nogier frequencies learnt from Dr. Raphael Nogier himself. Using Theralight, the Microlight and other frequency tools, light and frequencies are used to treat all types of issues and conditions, focussing especially on children.

Anne is currently a member of the International Light Association Board and in her recent presentation at the ILA conference in Pula, Croatia last year, she spoke on treating children diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, aggression and other issues. She also runs the Nordic Light Association.

Anne explains her presentation topic: ‘Specific Light for Children with ADD & ADHD’

“We will learn about how to meet the child “behind” the child. The vulnerable child, who lives with noice in his/her head with great laterality problems. How to lateralize the brain hemispheres, which is extremely important, and then treat the child with light/frequencies and coaching from the heart. I will explain how Light & Frequencies can make the child see a new prospective and make the child aware of the treasures that lie within.”

ALA Committee member, Thelma van der Werff recorded an interview with Anne recently and you can hear more about her topic in this video Enjoy!

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