February Update

Wow! It’s mid-February already! The New Year is flying by and is no longer ‘new’ at all! Preparations for our 2020 Conference are well underway and the ALA Team is busy, busy, busy! We have now completed our schedule of presenters with the addition of two more international guests: Dr. Robert Gilbert and Nathan Oxenfeld, both from the USA. Plus, some special local speakers, too.

Here is an updated list of presenters for ALA Perth 2020:

Not to forget … we are also thrilled to have with us, Vanessa Cisneros from Florida, and Jan van der Est from the Netherlands, who will be running post-conference workshops. Some of the presenters will also be offering workshop opportunities. More details soon …

The Australasian Light Association continues to grow and attract many world-renowned leaders in the field of light, colour, sound and other ‘energetic’ modalities . We are so grateful that they have committed their time and effort to travel to Perth to present at ALA’s 4th Conference. We are so excited and can’t wait for October!!

The wonderful ILA – which our Committee Members have collectively been part of for over 10 years – continues to expand as well. We feel so blessed to bring the energies of Light & Colour to Australia through the ALA – to share information and bring current and upcoming therapies from around the world. And to connect again with our ‘Light Friends’, old and new, from near and far. We continue the mission of ‘Advancing Light for Health’.

Maniisha B. has been busy compiling ALA’s latest Newsletter. If you’d like to know more about our speakers and the range of topics to be presented in Perth, please click on the link :


That’s all for now

Hoping to see you in Perth … Amanda

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