Profile: Mark Wentworth

We welcome to ALA Perth later this year, Mark Wentworth, colour expert from the UK and beyond. Mark is an international speaker and trainer with courses and workshops dedicated to understanding the self and others through the language of colour. He is founder of Colour for Life and author of Add a Little Colour to Your Life, which bring his 30+ years of studying and working with colour to light.

Mark Wentworth will share with us his inspiration and understanding of colour gained through working with the many shades of colour alongside personal development. He will bring this new understanding of colour to your world so you can use it in your day-to-day life.

“Turn a monochrome world to one filled with multicoloured happiness and joy.”

The following is a written interview Mark gave for ILA’s Journal of Light

Can you tell a little about your work and the connection with light and colour?

Colour, for me is akin to a sign language of the Soul, so through the medium of colour I help individuals and companies bring out and reconnect with their path of least resistance. Using colour as the language, we storytell and bring to life through expressive arts and drama the essence of the original archetypal blueprint of the life a person or a company was born to live.

What is your goal, in bringing light and colour to your clients, your audience?

My goal is to help spread awareness to people around the world of the great potential held within colour and light. It is something that is there with us that we are affected by from the moment of birth until the day we die. Whether we use the latest colour light technology or simply pay attention to and meditate on the colours in our environment, all will create and bring about a change from within.   

How has your relationship with colour changed over the years? (if it has!)

Colour and myself have so far had many great adventures together, and like any relationship it has only deepened over the years. It has been one full of surprises and the thought of not having that relationship would be like losing a limb or two! The more I have gotten to know colour the deeper my compassion and understanding of myself and other people has become. I never would have believed you if you had told me 31 years ago that colour would take me into war torn countries to work with traumatised children or be witness to some of the happiest moments in someone’s life. What I have learnt is that colour bypasses the spoken word and gives voice to the language of the heart and Soul.

Do you have a favourite colour? Why?

One colour that I seem to be constantly drawn back to is Indigo; I love it because it has a depth to it like no other colour has. It also has the potential to open up time, try stepping into and travelling on an Indigo ray of light and then you’ll understand for yourself why I love it so.

Is there a colour you’re ‘allergic’ to?

At the moment no, but for a long time I was very allergic to spring green, it really got under my skin. One of the many aspects of my work is to discover the hidden stories within colour; these stories can be connected to what Buddhists call the many lives of the Soul.  And it these stories that a lot of my clients experience during our time together, and indeed it was one of these unfinished stories that was hidden in spring green for me.

How does your experience and expertise with colour connect to light?

My answer that I arrived at is that the Light I connect and work with is what eminent Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung would refer to as the “Cosmic Man of Light”. It’s a light that cannot be scientifically measured or quantified and yet in all scared texts and indigenous belief systems it is a recognised and accepted essential part of life. I would therefore say that the essence of my work with colour is to remind and help people reconnect with this “inner light”, a something that is always there but often dimmed or hidden. 

What do you see for the future … for colour and light as therapy?

It’s a very exciting time for colour and light therapy, from my travels around the world I see and hear that more and more people are waking up to the potential of this remarkable thing called colour, and of course with colour comes light. I believe we are on the edge of Light and Colour being the new era for the general population. I was giving a talk recently to a finance company about colour and must admit I was a bit hesitant about how they would take to the idea of colour as a developmental language. They loved it and were and are totally on board to seeing the potential it could bring to them as new era company. Ten years ago, or even five years ago that just would not have happened. 

Thank you, Mark …. we’ll see you in Perth in October!

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