Profile: Anadi Martel

First, I’d like to present to you all, Anadi Martel. I’ve known Anadi for some time from my 5 years on the ILA Board – and since my first ILA Conference in Amsterdam in 2010. He is truly a brilliant mind and also a warm and inspirational man. His creativity and intellect have designed a number of impressive light therapy devices which I have been very fortunate to experience. I should add that he has always supported the idea of Chapter Associations and it was his encouragement that led to the formation of Australasian Light and other chapters around the world.

Anadi has very graciously agreed to join us, travelling from Canada and making time for his ALA friends despite a very busy schedule. I know you will greatly appreciate his knowledge and I can’t stress enough how lucky we are to have Anadi speak at our Perth conference next October.


An interactive and responsive device
The Sensora –
a unique multi-sensorial environment combining light, sound and kinesthetic vibration. 
Thelma and I playing with the Sensosphere at ALA Adelaide 2018

From International Light Association website:

After acquiring a solid scientific training through graduate studies in Physics, Anadi Martel went on to live in an ashram in India for a few years. Since then, he has been applying his intimate knowledge of electronics to the development of instruments working in novel ways with sound, light, and brainwaves. His Spatial Sound Processors have been used worldwide by professionals in psychoacoustics, multimedia and cinema, by organizations as diverse as NASA and IMAX. His work has led to patents in the field of Light Modulation and in LED-based design.

When not travelling as a design consultant for special audiovisual projects, he can mostly be found in his lab in the Canadian forest, working to refine the Sensora, a multi-sensorial environment combining a number of his inventions. An open-ended research project now ongoing for 30 years, the Sensora explores the overlapping frontiers of art, technology, therapy and consciousness. Anadi Martel is principal of Sensortech Inc. (, and was President of the International Light Association from 2011 until 2018.

Check out Anadi’s video interview on the website!

Recently, ALA team member Thelma van der Werff has taken time to chat to upcoming speakers at the next ALA event in Perth. While many of you are familiar with our ILA connections, others are not. This is a great way to introduce you to important figures in the world of light and colour therapy, as well as let you know about the topics being presented at the conference.

You will see that I have started a new section, ‘Thelma talks … ‘, where videos of interviews are posted. More will be put up soon so keep an eye out! Thanks, Thelma!!

One Reply to “Profile: Anadi Martel”

  1. So looking forward to having Anadi with us in Perth. Can’t wait to learn from him about the gamma technology helping ease dementia, and re-experiencing Sensorita, Sensophere, and the other inspired creations of this polymath.


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