Speakers – ALA Perth 2020

Once again, ALA’s light friends and colleagues will travel from far and wide to be with us at the next Australasian Light Association Conference.

Our committee is beyond thrilled to be able to bring these outstanding experts in the field of light, colour and healing to Australia.

Here is a preview of what is in store when you join us in Perth next year.

Anadi Martel – Canada

Physicist and expert in electronics, Anadi Martel designs instruments for use in the exploration of sound and light. He also acts as a consultant in special projects for diverse organisations such as IMAX, Cirque du Soleil and the Metropolitan Opera of New York.

Anadi’s focus is the interaction between technology and consciousness. His thirty years of research has led to the creation of the multi-sensorial Sensora system. The Sensora combines audio, visual and kinesthetic stimulation to produce a profound experience, helpful as a therapeutic support in numerous clinical applications.

Anadi is principal of Sensortech Inc. (www.sensora.com), and author of Light Therapies: A Complete Guide to the Healing Power of Light.

Mark Wentworth – UK

Mark Wentworth has been studying and working worldwide with the transformational power of colour for 30 years. He is founder of Colour for Life and principal and creator of the Colour Psychodynamic method, which offer life-enhancing protocols integrating colour therapy with the archetypal and visionary worlds of C.G. Jung, the pioneering methods of Dr Roger Woolger, and the psychodramatic work of J.L. Moreno. Mark pioneered workshops in the late 90’s uniting colour with bodywork, expressive arts and psychodrama techniques, giving colour not only a voice but also story and action.  He is author of Add a Little Colour to Your Life. Find out more about Mark here: https://www.colourforlife.com/

Anne Kaas Iversen – Norway

Anne Kaas Iversen runs an acupuncture and light-clinic in Oslo, www.aki-akupunktur.no, working with colours & Nogier frequencies learnt from Dr. Raphael Nogier himself.  Using Theralight, the Microlight and other frequency tools, she works with light and frequencies to treat all types of issues and conditions. In Anne’s work with children, besides lateralising the brain hemispheres, she uses colour and frequencies with amazing results. In her recent presentation at the International Light Association conference, Anne spoke on treating children diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, aggression and other issues.


  • Angelika Klotz (NZ), Esogetic colourpuncture expert and trainer
  • Jan van der Est (Netherlands) with training sessions being planned
  • Vanessa Cisneros (USA) will do a post-conference workshop
  • Wilma Guldenaar (Netherlands) with a daily dose of Qigong

We will also be highlighting local experts and exhibitors …. stay tuned for more details!

For now, save the date and don’t miss the chance to meet and learn from these amazing guest speakers!

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