Videos from ALA Cairns 2019

We were indeed privileged to have so many excellent speakers again this year – experts and practitioners – at the Conference on Light and Health in Cairns this past July. For those who were there, listen again … for those who wanted to be there but couldn’t, here is (some of ) what you missed!

Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen presents on the topic of ‘the Effects of Water, Sound and Light on the heart’. Rasmus is the principal of Aquaquinta, a research facility in Austria exploring the properties of water working with clinicians and lay people on applications to promote wellbeing. As an agriculturist, Rasmus worked alongside Masuru Emoto (the Message of Water) of the Hado Institute in Japan. In his presentation, Rasmus explains the effects that resonance can have on frozen water crystal geometry. He delves into Heart Rate Variability, the physics of sound and its relation to colour.

Charles Mitchley represents CoMra therapies – a unique method which combines laser colour light, near infra red, magnetism and ultrasound in one device used as a therapeutic healing tool. Charles has worked with Radiant Technologies for ten years, a company which develops CoMra products, Electro Magnetic Radiation protection devices and re-structuring water techniques. In this presentation, Charles explains the science behind the technology, the mechanisms of how it works and some specific techniques. He also presents case histories and research.

In this informal discussion, experienced users of the Bioptron light therapy device, discuss various aspects and uses of the system. This presentation was recorded at the Australasian Light Association conference in Cairns 2019. Thank you Billie, Vicki and Kerryn!

In this short presentation, various inventors and distributors of light therapy products explain information pertaining to their method. Thank you to all who contributed to the session (and audience for Q&A).

Jan van der Est presents at the Australasian Light Association 2019 conference in Cairns on ‘The Photon As Information’. Jan is well known as a Samassati colour light therapist and international trainer, and conducts workshops and training courses around the world. Jan and his wife Wilma Guldenaar are founders of the European Institute for Light Therapy which they operate from their practice facility in the Netherlands. 

Janice Hill, from New Zealand and proprietor of Sole to Sole, presents a practical workshop: ‘Endocrine Balance with Reflexology and Colour’. The first half of the workshop covers basic theoretical aspects of colour, reflexology and the endocrine system. The second half of the workshop is a practical hands-on demonstration of the techniques applied.

Dr. Susan Jamieson is a specialist in integrative and functional medicine with 26 years experience working as a physician in Hong Kong. Susan is also known as ‘The Light Doctor’ as she has a special interest in using various light therapies and photo-biomodulation in her practice. In this presentation delivered at the Australasian Light Association 2019 conference in Cairns, Dr. Jamieson explores various principles of healing and light – photons, DNA and its relation to light, quantum biology, connection with nature, light in the body, circadian rhythm, bacteria, entrainment, brainwaves and electromagnetic fields. Various case histories are also discussed.

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