A Colourful and Energetic Spring

ALA’s Lyn Doole reflects on the new season and gives energetic insights including a colour-light treatment sequence.

Spring is always considered a time of renewal and growth. The five-element cycle of Traditional Chinese Medicine associates spring with, among many other things, the liver and gall bladder meridians, the colour green, the taste of sour, and hun, the ethereal, eternal, yang soul.

As plant buds appear in spring heralding new growth, we too have the opportunity to slough off the dormancy and lethargy of winter and embark on new adventures.  Hun can in some respects be considered as consciousness, and spring is the perfect time for walking mediations, getting out into the fresh air and sunlight and bringing awareness to every sensation which meets the eyes, the ears, the nostrils, the skin, and mindfully appreciating the existence of each.

The liver and gall bladder meridians can at this time benefit from specific stretches to lengthen the associated sinews, tendons and nerves, and fast track the detoxing of a metabolism sluggish from winter eating and being rather slothful.  A sequence of yoga poses that stretch the sides of the body could be considered, and to these can be added Badddha Konasana/butterfly pose, Suhkasana or cross -legged pose, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana/pigeon,, sphinx, Bananasana, Jathrara Parvartanasana/sideways twist, and Trikonasana/triangle pose.  Qi gong practice too offers sequences most beneficial to the liver and gallbladder, but rather too wordy to describe here. However, there are on-line videos which can lead you through these moves if you are unable to find a local group energising together. And another energetic tip, using shiatsu pressure on the Kidney 9 points will also aid the liver in detoxing.

“Green “and “sour” give us a clue to what to eat in spring. The juice of a lemon plus a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar topped up with hot water is a good flushing start to any day. And though the combination appears acidic, once in the digestive system the effect is to assist in alkalinising the body. Leaves, leaves and more leaves are great – dandelion, watercress, baby greens, Swiss chard, spinach, lettuce, and rocket. Why not throw a combination of whatever of these is to hand, plus mint, basil, parsley, coriander, dill,  either a small piece of banana, or half an apple, or half a peeled orange, and some manuka honey, plus spring water into your blender, for a green smoothie taste sensation that is also ultra-cleansing?

Finally, a colour light sequence to detoxify: –

Each point should be irradiated on and off the body for from one to three minutes.

  1. Start with yellow on the left foot followed by violet on the right on Liver 3.
  2. Red on the left hand followed by green on the right on Large Intestine 4.
  3. Orange in an oval pattern between the navel and the pubic bone.
  4. Indigo on the third eye point between the brows.
  5. Yellow on the depression between the collar bones, followed by yellow two finger-widths to the left, then yellow two finger-widths to the right.
  6. Red on the back of the knee, bladder 40, first left, then right.
  7. Yellow in an oval over the solar plexus.
  8. Test the kidney points, Bladder 23, on the back. Shine green on whichever one is more sensitive, red on the other,
  9. Test the kidney 1 points on the sole of the foot. Again, shine green on the more sensitive, red on the other.
  10. Green two finger-widths under the navel to the left.
  11. Green two finger-widths under the navel to the right.
  12. Green two finger-widths above the navel to the right.

And may all the above help you to a colourful and energetic spring.

Springtime colour in Lyn’s lovely garden in Adelaide, SA.

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