Review: ALA 2019 Conference Cairns

The 3rd ALA Conference on Light & Health was a great success earlier this month. Held at the Shangri-La in Cairns city centre, the event was truly a tropical retreat. For those travelling from wintery southern states, and also for our international speakers and guests, Far North Queensland was exactly the right choice.

Presentations covered a wide range of topics, with a keynote lecture given by Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen from Austria, and the Closing Presentation by Dr Susan Jamieson from Hong Kong. Other speakers included Moira Aberdeen and Janice Hill (New Zealand), Jan van der Est (the Netherlands), Vanessa Cisneros (USA) and speakers from Australia: Tricia Sharkey and Vicki Engeham, and Billie Diamond – and her friends! And not forgetting Wilma Guldenaar, who led our group in Qigong each morning. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined us, from near and far (and farther!) in making the conference the success that it was!

ALA is a Chapter of the International Light Association

We hosted approximately 70 attendees from Australia and New Zealand (which is our ALA base) and also a number of international guests (presenters and exhibitors). We were thrilled that so many local folk from Cairns and surrounding areas were able to join us. Word is certainly spreading about the potential light and colour to heal and how they can contribute to health and well being. It was noted that for half the attendees at the event, it was their first ALA conference! We’re sure it won’t be their last 😉

Amanda, Lyn, Maniisha & Thelma

2 Replies to “Review: ALA 2019 Conference Cairns”

  1. Thank you, thank you ALA for holding your conference in Cairns. What an opportunity for us living here in the area to be introduced to the leading edge of healing. It opens up worlds I never dreamed of. I am so excited. I love using my Comra Palm. Everyone I have used it on, sometimes only once, report a drop in pain levels, even my sceptic husband!
    Hope to see you all again, Much love and light, Lesley


  2. So pleased that you enjoyed the event, Lesley! This is the reason we formed the ALA – to bring the potential of light and colour (and sound!) to more people here in Australia & NZ. Keep in touch, spread the word (please) and hopefully we’ll see you again … ALA Team 🙂


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