Announcing: ALA Conference 2019

Since our successful event in Adelaide in March 2018, plans have been underway for the Conference on Light & Health in the tropical north of Australia. This is because some very enthusiastic attendees from Cairns at Adelaide 2018 suggested the idea. They felt that so many people in Cairns (and beyond!) would really love to learn about the benefits of light for health and wellbeing. Well, their enthusiasm was infectious and our committee pretty much decided, there and then …

“Yes, Cairns will be the location of our next ALA Conference!”

Shangri-La Cairns

The venue for the conference next year will be the Shangri-La Hotel at The Marina, which is a central and stunning location – both in the city and on the sea!

Shangri-La Cairnsimages-2download-1

The programme of speakers is almost finalised, and we are very excited to say that ALL of the INTERNATIONAL speakers invited to present AGREED to come Down Under!! (Maybe the tropical destination was super attractive and they just couldn’t say “No”?)

The schedule of speakers will be announced soon but until then, check your calendar for 2019, and SAVE THE DATE for ALA CAIRNS 2019. We’d love to see you there! 🙂

ALA Cairns (1)

One Reply to “Announcing: ALA Conference 2019”

  1. A very exciting prospect indeed! We’re looking forward to being there,so much so we’re going to check in out this month! Those very keen “enlightened ” people from Cairns have invited us to tell them all about our beloved Samassatti practice. It’ll be marvelous.


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