Light Therapies – A Complete Guide to the Healing Power of Light

download-1A REVIEW by Maniisha Bluntschli

‘Light Therapies – The Complete Guide to The Healing Power of Light’ by Anadi Martel

Anadi Martel, Canadian physicist, inventor  and electronics wiz since his early teens, has authored an outstanding comprehensive book  on the topic of light and its effects and applications. Released in English in May 2018, it provides a marvelous addition to any therapist, lay or professional person interested to know the most updated information on light and its biological and psychological therapeutic effects.

The book generously displays an abundance of colourful illustrations and photos on quality paper, making it pleasing to both the mind and eye. The text flows clearly and coherently , blending both easy-to-understand detailed scientific information with more personal writing.

Healing Power of Light is, in many ways, like an user-friendly encyclopaedia which covers an extensive range of topics relating to the subject.  Valuable research findings are woven into the fabric of the book throughout.

Martel begins the book with a historical account of the role that Light Therapies has played in medicine throughout the ages to modern times. This progresses to a discussion pertaining to the scientific nature of light, including the discovery of the photon, quantum principles, light as energy, wavelength and speed of light. Healing Power of Light continues by exploring topics such as light’s relationship to electricity, colour temperature, frequencies beyond visible light, pure and mixed colours  and modern physics’ approach to light. This is all explained in an easy-to-follow manner.

Another chapter is devoted to the biological actions of light upon the human. This section includes most up-to-date research, which even well informed individuals will learn new and fascinating facts . It covers newly discovered light sensitive receptors and the three pathways that light takes in to the brain (via the eyes (vision), non visual optic brain pathways and via skin (photobiomodulation). His explanations are like sweet nectar to the individual hungry to learn the ‘science’ of light.

A whole chapter is devoted to an extensive explanation of the many different modalities of light therapy , often with Martel’s own experiential  remarks. This section includes a discussion of photobiomodulation (laser or LED light via skin for cosmetics, pain, injury),  chronobiology (biological effects from daily cycles of light, including  jetlag, lighting in homes and work environments), bright light therapy, photodynamic therapy and UV therapy.

A section is devoted to the safety of light where different forms of artificial light are examined – in particular, fluorescent and LED lighting. The three major areas of potential harm from lighting is also explored – from disrupting circadian rhythms, damaging retina and effects of excess flickering. The importance of near infrared light is introduced here. Additionally a close look at UV light is also included. The importance of sunlight and lighting in the home is explored in depth.

A fascinating comprehensive look at new ways of viewing the human body is presented. Martel introduces us to principles of biological coherence, the living matrix of collagen structure, our cells being semiconductors, biophotons and some of the pioneers’ works in these fields. The fascinating importance of water’s relationship to light is also delved into.

An extensive section is devoted to chromotherapy (colour therapy). This includes  a descriptive account of the physical and psychological effects of individual colours, cooling , warming and transitional colours, the problem with blue light, chromatic allergies and how to find correct colours. Within this section, chromotherapy’s very many different modes of application are explored extensively (including methods using colour to the skin, colour to brain via eyes and colour  using multi-senses (feel, sound, vision combined). Case studies are included. This is a thoroughly informative section for anyone using or considering  using colour as a form of therapy.

A fascinating section is devoted to the topic of brain waves and brain synchronization or entrainment.  Martel is particularly knowlegable  in this field and shares his own personal findings and experiences of the development of his own Sensora technology. This section is an absolute delight to read for those interested in how light can affect neuroplasticity and psychological states.

The final section deals with light and consciousness – exploring what we know of consciousness, mystical experiences, powerful placebo effects, spiritual healing, concepts around light and the death experience, light of the mind and finally…enlightenment.

The Healing  Power of Light is truly a treasure trove which surely will help bring to the world a much needed revolution of understanding  of the beneficial effects that light can bring us individually, and as a society.

Martel’s book has been reviewed by notable experts in the field of light medicine (photomedicine) –

A must-read for everyone interested in the field of light – beginners, experts, lay-people, health and wellness practitioners, teachers and scientist… a spectacular achievement. I enjoyed it and recommend it without reservation.”  (Ray Gottilieb, O.D., Ph.D., Dean, College of Syntonic Optometry)

“A wonderfully detailed and beautifully illustrated book. This is the most valuable and enjoyable and up-to-date book you can read (on light therapies). (James L. Oschman, Ph.D., author of ‘Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis’)

“An absolutely incredible book. Without hesitation, it is the best book on the subject of light and colour I have read in many years.”       Dr. Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. (Hon), author of Light: Medicine of the Future

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