ALA Adelaide Memories

What a treat it was to have the ALA Conference on Light & Health in Adelaide during Mad March – the season of Adelaide Festival and the Fringe and many other events. The city was buzzing but within the hive of activity, the peaceful surrounds of the Baha’i Centre of Learning was a haven for the 2nd ALA Conference. So many attendees commented on the wonderful venue and its special ambiance.

Here is a ‘snapshot’ of the Australasian Light Association 2018 Conference … actually quite a few snapshots, courtesy of ALA Chair, Maniisha Bluntschli. Enjoy!

Pre-Conference Outing

Some of our group attended Soma Sound Bath in the spacious Harts Mill, Flour Shed at Port Adelaide. This improvised performance explored deep meditational states in a live, diverse soundscape interweaving electronic sequences, synthesizer, singing bowls, voice & other instruments. The composer-musician used the latest in mind-heart coherence biofeedback tools directing musical soundscapes in an inner journey of harmonic healing vibrations.  Presented by: Sacred Resonance

Conference time!

Interesting presentations, engaging interactions, and product demonstrations, too … and lots of smiling faces! 🙂


Parade of Lights

Saturday night was a lovely night to take a walk after dinner, especially when the city buildings along North Terrace were illuminated with spectacular displays of light and other light installations along the way.


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