Highlights – Adelaide Conference

The 2018 Conference on Light & Health last weekend was a great success! Thank you to all those who attended the event, especially those who travelled far –  from Queensland, NSW, Victoria and WA.

ALA Chair, Maniisha Bluntschli reports on the highlights …



The recent Australasian Light Association conference held in Adelaide over the weekend of March 3 – 4 was yet again a huge success.

The event was hosted at the beautiful historic Baha’i Learning Centre in Adelaide. The building exuded an atmosphere of quiet and sentience – luckily, as the weekend coincided with the very busy festivities and a sporting car race event nearby!

Thirty-two attendees enjoyed a diverse array of presentations delivered by seven presenters coming from South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand.

The first presentation was delivered by Lyn Doole who spoke on the topic of ‘The Physiology of Light’. Her presentation included a description of different types of light – ultra-violet, infra red, visible light spectrum, the importance of sunlight for our health, spectral analysis of emissions from artificial lighting versus sunlight, modes of delivery of light for physiological effects, biological mechanisms and pathways of light, light sensitive receptors, light in the brain, the forth phase of water and a review of past and current pioneers using light for health. All in all, a wonderfully informative presentation which set the stage for following speakers.

Our second presenter, who proved to be highly popular, was Dr. Mark Rogers, an Adelaide medical practitioner who has specialised in the treatment of chronic pain and soft tissue injury using light in the form of low level laser and photobiomodulation, which he has coined as ‘photonic therapies’. Dr. Rogers explained the importance of light in dilating blood vessels to clear congested lymphatics in pain and injured states. He spoke of his success and experiences in treating different pain conditions. He presented his theory that migraines and tinnitus originate from a prior neck injury which congests lymphatics in the brain. Finally, he shared examples using digital thermal imaging (infrared camera) of changes in inflammatory states using his light therapy.  Mark had an overwhelming number of interested participants excited to discuss matters further with him after his presentation.

Next on our list was Simon Hansen, yet another Adelaide light therapist. Simon presented on the topic of Modulated Light Therapies, in particular the Sensophere and Sensora. He screened an informative talk given by inventor and physicist, Anadi Martel. Anadi explained different waveforms, their actions, warm and cool colours and more. Simon then concluded with a demonstration of the Sensophere.

This led us into a forty minute demonstration session where participants were able to experience the many devices being displayed. This included the Sensora, Photonwave, Bioptron, Red Light Therapy kits, coloured glasses, Molimed, and Tesla Blue Shields (EMF protective device). Many agreed that more time could be devoted to practical demonstrations and another demonstration session ensued the following day.

The final presenter for Day One was Paula Morgan from Western Australia who has used Esogetics Colour puncture for 20 years in her practice. She outlined several case histories, including a case of cerebral palsy, hand injury and post natal depression. She reviewed several simple techniques using colour on specific acupuncture points. In all, a simple and broad overview of Esogetics and its benefits and uses.

That Saturday evening was celebrated by approximately 30 participants enjoying a three course meal at the nearby Coopers Ale House. Lively and interesting discussions prevailed, where many social connections were created and deepened.

After the dinner, those who wished to, took a walk down North Terrace in the central business district of Adelaide to enjoy the light display upon some of Adelaide’s beautiful, historic buildings. The display was colourful and mesmerising. The streets were filled with people enjoying the light show and fairy-lit trees. An awesome sight to behold..!

The Sunday morning began with a truly inspiring and interest-grabbing presentation by Susan Poole, a Western Australian exercise physiologist and inventor of red light therapy kits. Susan spoke extensively on her experience using light successfully to treat horses and dogs. She explained the high importance of ATP to cells for healthy functioning. She gave many case histories (both animal and human) which were astoundingly successful. The presentation led the audience through her personal story of how and why she invented and developed the red light kits. Once again, Susan was inundated with interested participants wanting to discuss and try out her method after her talk.

We then dedicated a short session to explain to the audience the workings, history, purpose, benefits of joining ILA (International Light Association). Amanda Hoffmann did an excellent job of giving a demonstration of navigating through the ILA website. We then, as a group, brainstormed ideas to expand and develop our local ALA branch. We received wonderful responses including the wish for more education in light therapies. A short feedback questionnaire was then completed  by participants to extract more valuable feedback.

Our following presentation proved to be another highly popular speaker. Patricia Benstein, from Western Australia, with two Ph.D’s, one in education and one in spiritual anthropology, gave a synopsis of how the ‘inner light’ of humans surfaced repeatedly in different religions. She explained that this human light is the light of our soul and hearts and is of utmost importance to remembers. A truly wonderful presentation!

Our final (and by no means least) presentation was led by Thelma van der Werff from New Zealand, who spoke on the psychology of colour and her unique system called the Colour Comfort Method.  Thelma had issued  colour questionnaires earlier in the weekend for the participants to fill out. She gave an analysis and described traits of many of the respondents based on their answers. In effect she gave ‘readings’ of colour choices, explaining the psychological attributes of people with specific colour choices. It was a wonderful and more personal topic to complete our weekend.

As a closing ceremony, we formed a circle with the meditative Sensophere located at the centre. We conducted a short visual imagery meditation led by Maniisha Bluntschli, using brain entrainment methods super-imposed with gentle music.

The atmosphere was high, light and loving by the end of this wonderful weekend. Many participants stated in their feedback forms that they highly valued the information presented, and that it was an even improved version of last year’s ALA event. But most of all, people valued the authentic , warm connections made with like-minded individuals.

A huge thank you to ALL involved in every possible way!

Conference Venue
Pre-conference: Soma Sound Bath
Parade of Light – Adelaide Festival

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