ALA SYDNEY 2017 – Conference Report

Our inaugural ALA conference was a tremendous success. The conference was held in the National Trust Centre in Sydney, a short walk from the harbour’s waters and famous bridge in the historic Rocks area.

We hosted approximately 30 attendees, of varied interests, both from international and  Australian origin. Amongst our audience we had Samassati and other light practitioners, behavioural optometrists,  a nurse, acupuncturists, a physiotherapist,  a chiropractor, a film maker, inventors, a researcher, educators,  a professor of  architectural lighting, Aura Soma exponents, shiatsu practitioners  and also members of the general public using light instruments for personal use.

Our presentations spanned a wide array of topics, swinging naturally from subjects of more experiential and intuitive content to more scientific / researched content. This enabled a healthy spread of information to satisfy everyone’s interests.

Amongst our presenters we had three ‘Simons’ (strangely so, who were then nicknamed Simon 1, Simon 2 and Simon 3!)  Simon (1) Grbevski (Sydney-based Syntonics practitioner)  informed us of the importance of healthy light for the developing child.  Simon (2) Hansen (an MS patient from Adelaide recovered through the use of light therapy)  shared with us his personal success stories using colour light for his clients.  Finally Simon (3) Cribb (West Australian physiotherapist, well trained in multiple forms of light and gem therapies) gave us a  presentation on the theory of light and a fascinating account of biophysicist Fritz Albert Popp’s life, work and discoveries.

Following the three Simons, we shared a simple and delicious lunch where people had the opportunity to mingle, network and connect with others. It was a joy to see such enthusiastic and lively discussions amongst our participants.

The afternoon brought us our international speakers. First Jeremy Halpin (Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner /educator) gave us an entertaining presentation titled ‘Inner Light and The Meridian System of TCM.’ He shared with us some of the interplay of effects between consciousness and light.

Karl Ryberg (Swedish inventor, psychologist, architect) followed with his presentation revealing information on the effectiveness and applications of monochromatic colour in light therapy. Karl shared with us his ‘surprise’ at the end of his discussion – being the wonderful news that his newly written book has been accepted as the ‘Book of The Year’ (globally). This has far reaching positive implications for all people involved in light therapies,  as the unveiling of the great importance of light for our health will usher significant focus on this subject area in the coming years. Bravo and congratulations, Karl!

Our final Saturday presentation came from Janet McDonnell (a highly experienced Aura Soma practitioner) who gave us an engaging, colourful and experiential session using Aura Soma colour therapy techniques.

The following day led us into a prerecorded session from Thelma van der Werff (colour therapist of New Zealand) who gave us a practical overview of her Colour Comfort method  used for selecting colours for clothing and other aspects of our life.

ALA Chairperson, Maniisha Bluntschli followed with a presentation on the topic of Assessment Methods for Research in Light Therapy.  She also demonstrated a Colour Selection Test, Electrophotography (GDV Kirlian technique) and Visual Field Test.

An hour was then dedicated to the explanation and demonstration of various light therapy modalities, including Bioptron, Molimed, Spectrahue, Sensophere, Monocrom mask, Photon Stimulator, Photon Wave and Bion Rings. Thanks to all for sharing your devices and expertise.

Our final few minutes were spent in a round-table discussion of our visions and ideas for the future direction for our newly-formed ALA. We explored the ideas of educational ventures via webinars, a forum discussion group dedicated for light therapists,  future conference locations (possibly Adelaide or Sunshine Coast), liaising with other Colour Associations,  and ways to improve on our future events.

Overall, the impression we received was one of great satisfaction – which was very pleasing  to the organisers. We would like to thank everyone who contributed and attended this great ‘new seed’ event for light therapists and others working with light and colour in Australia and New Zealand.

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