Registration – closing!

We are so pleased with the positive response to our upcoming event – but- we will be closing registration soon. Don’t miss our programme of experts working with light, and the chance to be involved in our newly-formed association. Conference registration will close on 28th February. 

March 4-5th 2017.

We are delighted to invite friends of ILA in Australia and New Zealand, and all professionals working with light with a focus on health and wellness to our first event.

We also invite ‘non-professionals’ who are interested in learning about the use of light in promoting health and in treating a range of health issues.

Programme of speakers:

  • Karl Ryberg, Sweden (Monocrom)
  • Simon Grbevski, NSW (Syntonics)
  • Janet McDonnell, NSW (Aura Soma)
  • Simon Hansen, SA (Samassati Light Therapy)
  • Thelma van der Werff, New Zealand (Colour Comfort Method)
  • Simon Cribb, WA (Phototherapy)
  • Jeremy Halpin, Sweden (TCM)

The schedule will also include practical demonstrations of various modalities, including diagnostic testing and assessment tools.

A brief introduction to the ALA (Australasian Light Association) will be delivered at the end of Day 2. Do consider joining our ALA Chapter and contributing to the mission to:

 ‘Spread the word about light’!

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