After too many years apart, it’s time to get together again …
The ALA  has organised a 3-day retreat in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria.
💜 Let’s Reconnect, Restore & Renew

ALA Retreat, Melbourne 2023

After a long time between ILA events, it’s time for our light, colour and sound friends in the Australasian Light Association to get together again. We are delighted to announce our next event in June. We hope you can join us at a Relaxing and Restorative Retreat in the Yarra Valley, just outside Melbourne.

💜 The focus will be  on self-healingexperience and rejuvenation, along witha little learning  sprinkled throughout our 3 days together.


Three days to experience various modalities of light, colour and sound. You will learn from experts and each other, sharing knowledge and techniques. of learning from and teaching to others what one knows, of relaxing, reflecting, renewing and recalibrating oneself.


Thursday June 22nd June, from 1.00 pm  to Sunday June 25th at 2.00 pm. This is the winter solstice, a special opportunity to journey within and heal ourselves.


Yarra Valley Living Centre is located approximately 1 hour drive from Melbourne CBD.

The centre was formerly the Gawler Foundation, providing support for cancer sufferers and their carers. Set amid tree ferns and magnificent bushland, the centre is now run by the Brahmi Kumaris, and has a palpable vibration of peace and calm.

Places are strictly limited. Only the first forty people to register and pay for the event can be includedand only twenty-nine can be accommodated on site. There are up-market B & Bs nearby as an alternative accommodation option.

Bookings will be on a first-come first-served basis. If you are interested in joining us, please reserve you place early. Bookings close on 15th June, 2023 (or earlier if places are filled).


Rooms onsite at the venue are either single or shared and very limited. book accommodation at YVLC, please contact

For alternative accommodation options here.


Three meals per day are fully inclusive within the retreat. All food is vegan, plant-based. If you have special dietary requirements, please advise us at the time of booking so your needs can be met.


Entire 3 day retreat (including all food & accommodation)   $825 AUS
3 day retreat (including all food, no accommodation)           $600 AUS


A full refund can be issued up to 27th April.
50% refund issued up to 25th May.
25% refund up to 8th June.
Thereafter, there can be no refund. This is to accommodate those on the waiting list.


Note: this is a preliminary guide and subject to some fine-tuning!!

Thursday 22 June, 2023  (Arrival & Intentions Day)

Arrivals between 1 – 4 pm



Importance of Intention in Manifesting  (Short Presentation)

Spiral Night Walk

Friday 23 June (Theme – Colour & Light for Healing)

Qi Gong


Colournostics (Demonstration & Explanation) 

Increase Your Sensitivity to Colour (Activities)

Colour Meridian Meditation (Group Activity)


Demonstrations & Individual Mini Sessions (Variety of therapies) 


Colour Psycho Dynamics  with Mark Wentworth (Mini Workshop)

Saturday 24 June   (Theme – Sound for Healing)

Qi Gong


Listen to Music of Plants   (Group Experience)

Tuning Forks, Drums, Singing Bowls  (Experience)


Humming, Toning, Chanting  (Group Activity)


Healing Sound Concert with Harpist

Sunday 25 June  (Demonstrations & Mini Sessions)

Qi Gong


Demonstrations & Mini Sessions  (Variety of therapies)



Departure after lunch

Our focus and intention is to offer you opportunities to self-heal, renew and journey inwards, where the fountain of life and light resides.” Maniisha Bluntshli, ALA Founder.

For more information or to register for the Retreat:

‘Advancing Light, Colour & Sound for Health’

If you’re reading this …

… chances are you already have some knowledge of, or interest in the effects of light, colour and sound on our health and wellbeing. If so, you’re in exactly the right place!

The Australasian Light Association as a Chapter Association of the International Light Association, represents a diverse group of individuals, including professionals as well as those with personal or creative interests.

Beyond individual interests, members of the ILA and ALA communities have a common desire to share knowledge, skills and passions: to learn about and apply the latest theories, techniques and technologies in light and colour; and use this knowledge to promote health, enhance performance and learning, and to raise consciousness about related issues.

The mission is to share information and educate, and create an open-hearted, broad-minded and integrative community in the field of light and colour (and other vibrational modalities).

Goals include:

• developing a network focused on the therapeutic uses of light and colour

• educating and informing about the field of light and colour

• promoting the field of light and colour and its applications

• representing professionals in the field of light and colour

• supporting relevant research and education

Do you want to support or connect with Australasian Light and the International Light Association?

We welcome anyone who either works in the field or has a personal interest in the goals and values mentioned. You can support ALA by:

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